Niska! Niska! Niska!

Anyone sporting a passion for dogs, horses, nature or the simple back to the basics, will undoubtedly enjoy the hidden abnormalities of Niska.

Although the theme encircles a location where a young girl resided for two years, with a professor who was working on a project through the University; it entangles mainly the plight of a single-parent-child, brought up alone by her mother, in a small Southern Ontario village. Only to be fated, at the tender age of sixteen, with the necessity of having to support a mother whom she dearly loves, now stricken with a lingering terminal illness.

She was befriended, and taken under wing, so-to-speak, by a woman, more than twice her age, who was doing volunteer social work at the local hospital.

This woman's love of nature, nurtured by her North American Indian ancestry, teaches the young girl to love all things natural and to appreciate and partake to the fullest, the simple joys which God has placed endlessly before us all.

The fact this friend, beside her mother's death bed, learns the whereabouts of the young girl's father, but is unable to reveal, because of overwhelming, startling, extremely extenuated circumstance, not previously disclosed, makes this book more than exciting. The secret it conceals, whether you dare to believe it or not, is in fact true.