The Best of Bits & Pieces - Book One

The people who occupy the readership world of The Wellington Advertiser will be, no doubt, of an immense and mixed assembly. At the time of putting this collection together, publication of this free press weekly paper had entered its 39th year with a free circulation beyond 39,500. The freelance column, accompanied by mug shot, by-lined Bits and Pieces by Barrie Hopkins, has been prominently positioned for a period just short of 25 years, giving this writer an edge over the experienced have nots. A near quarter century of readership is now spanning new generations, with legions of devoted followers making it first choice of their weekly read.

Letters of acclamation have been received from places as far away as California, British Columbia, and England. Obviously from articles sent to them from local connections. It is for this reason that a selected collection of over two hundred of the earlier published columns appear herewith in the bindings of this first book. More will obviously follow in books numbering two, three, four and more. This series, when completed, will spell explicitly the life and times of the writer and the love of his life, the Little Lady.

Throughout the pages of this first book, of The Best of Bits and Pieces, you will find many of the earliest articles. These were published greater than twenty years ago. For easier orientation to both time and place, the then proposed date of publication appears on the top of each article.

Though times and attitudes have changed, the articles themselves are timeless. To accommodate those who have not had the first time opportunity to read, and too, to those who wish to reflect nostalgic recollections, we feel republishing is more convenient in book form. Whether first time, or rereading, you and yours will no doubt find a distant chuckle or two, among the detailed diction pictures skilfully described within.