The Best of Bits & Pieces - Book Two

In the many years writing weekly articles it was, and still is, impossible not to leave a personal record of life as it wandered down through the many years spanning three, or more, generations.

This continuity, was made possible, only by strong support and understanding of the one, and only, whom widespread readers all know as "My Little Lady".

For a love that started out as more of a convenience, to end up in a life that was inseparable, is hard to decipher. How this occured I am not sufficiently articulate to explain. Perhaps it was some strange mental reverse osmosis that brought us together, for in actual fact she and I, not unlike water and oil, were as different as the darkness of cloud shrouded nights and the sparkle of bright, sunny, blue-sky days.

I was a lanky, lean, readheaded, six foot one, loner; preferring the enjoyment of complete privacy. She was of short stature, five foot two, sporting an uncanny outgoing knack of one glance recognition of friendship deprivation. From the first moment our eyes met, her heart synchronized with precision the heart beat of mine. Though it took her four years to convince me to surrender to the tying of the untieable wedlock knot; she, as first glance intended, succeeded.

It was then that a unique life of compatible indifference began. She and her subtle humour, infringed only slightly on my beliefs.  I chose to infringe not on hers. She once confided assurance that God and Mother Nature were one and the same. "If not", she chided, "they probably snuggle, sharing the same comforts, as you and I, but they, I'll wager, enjoy satin sheets." That point of probable contention, affords no room, on my part, for argument.

Lacking all reservations, she epitomized Christianity, adhering strongly in belief that the chronic desire for sex, was an advanced touch of heaven rewarding only humanity for dominion over, and continuation of His work. That, too, was conjecture to which I could say only, "Amen, Amen to that".

As is readably observable, in this collection of articles in this second book of The Best of Bits and Pieces, many little happenings in our life, as lived, cried out for a story.

Certainly, on the surface, in body and mind to the public's eye, we have lived quite normal lives. But the story that unfolds within this series of books, is a loose chronology of small town family history, composed of neither fiction nor fantasy. Though breathtaking at times, heartbreaking at others, it's the tangling of truths, in sequence, engulfing a lifetime of loving, of living, concern, caring, and learning.